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​ Kiyoshi Inoue 〔井上 潔

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​Arabian - House - Plantation
  Phone    01457−6−2182
 Mobile 080−6091−0429


He was born in the  Kumamoto Prefecture . As a kid , he spent much time in the Mie Prefecture . He moved to America to learn how to train hunting dogs . While there , he had the opportunity to learn horse-back riding .

​When he returned home restarted a horse riding club that  found endurance .

​Originally , he only cared for the horse . He has since taken charge of the production of the Plantation . He also is in charge of maintenance of the grounds . He trains the horse in harness , riding , and endurance .


She was  born in Obihiro City , Hokkaido . Her father moved a lot , giving her strong adaptation abilities . At age 40 , she feel in love with aerobics . She ran triathlon ,starting her love of endurance . 

She greets every customer with a smile . Her love of nature and horses is seen with her upbeat attitude . She assists in all training of the horses , and starting from birth to fully trained . At Endurance Competition , she is the main rider from the Plantation .

​ Hisae Inoue 〔井上 久恵

We are active participants in the program called “WWOOF”. Volunteers come from all over the world to help us on our farm . They are able to grow their love of horses as well as learn Japanese .

​They are valued member of the plantation . Feel free to talk with them , they love to meet new people .

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