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​Competition in Japan  
​Major international events
Endurance is one of the most loved  equestrian events
​around the world .

​◆ Endurance is a marathon on horseback

​About endurance

・ All Japan Endurance Equestrian Event .
​・ Hokkaido Endurance Equestrian Event in Spring and  Autumn .
・ Yamanashi Endurance Equestrian Event .
​・ Yatsugatake  Mountain Endurance Equestrian Games .
​・ HIdaka Mountain Endurance Contest ( on this plantation )
・ World Equestrian Championship
・ Devis Cup ( USA )

Endurance is an officially recognized event by the International Equestrian Federation ( FEI ).

Japan's Federation of Equestrians ( JEF ) is a member of the FEI .

In recent years , endurance riding became popular and a lot of events are now being held in Hokkaido .The competition distance is either 40km , 60km  or 80km . The All-Japan Championship Competition has a length of 120km . Endurance riding is like a marathon on horseback .

In Hokkaido , endurance events are regularly held in Tokachi and Kushiro Temple , starting in mid May or early spring . Many par ticipants enjoy the riding and the deepening of friendship with other participants .

​◆ Preparations before an event

One of the most important feathers in an endurance events is the inspection of the horse by a vet . Since is a very long distance ( 40km ) , the vet inspects the horse before and after the run ( 30min after the goal ) .

So you checking the heart rake , walk ability and looking for dehydration and injuries .  Additionally you have a tough run to master .

To expel in all of these a proper training of horse and rider is required . But the most important things are the horse's abilities . It needs strong muscles , a high endurance and a happy willingness to run . The Arabian Horse is the most suitable horse breed for endurance .

People  and horses enjoy the endurance competition together . That is  why we decided to breed Arabian horse : the perfect horse for endurance .

“ We breed horses with the strongest bloodline to ensure great posterity . ”  we dare say .

​The biggest commitment of the Arabian Horse Plantation is the breeding and training of domestic , pure blood Arabian Horse to the greatest quality .

​◆ Arabian with a love for running
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