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​◆ Our trails
​◆ Further information about the sea of clouds
Horse riding at the Arabian-Horse-Plantation( A・H・P )

​◆ Feature of the Arabiab-Horse-Plantation

 1 ) Our plantation is located in the hillside of  Hidaka-Area of HIDAKA TOWN , saru-gun , Hokkaido .

​ 2 ) The available trails for horseback riding are diverse and enjoyable throughout all seasons .

 3 ) We will set the course according to the level of the rider .

 4 ) The trails we ride run through untouched nature .

 5 ) There is a rise of about 100m in altitude on our long distance trails .

 6 ) It  certain climatic conditions are met , you can also enjoy watching the sea of clouds on your ride.

 7 ) Our plantation is simple , but comfortable .

 8 ) It differs from a modern equipped horse riding farm .

 9 )  We live in coexistence with nature .

 ◎ First experience trail   

Follow the river from the stable to the entrance of our plantation and return to the stables .

The staff will  make sure , that the horses walk in a slow pace .

◎ Beginner to intermediate trails 

This trail follows the river from the stable and enters a forest trail after a while .

The speed will be set according to the rider's level . To make sure that everything is alright ,

the staff will either walk or accompany on horseback .

◎ Advanced trail  

This  trail will be selected according to the weather condition . This trail leads around the mountains where you might have the chance to see the sea of clouds .

​The  trail is rugged and we will go by running speed . The staff will join you on this trail .

The  sea of clouds appears in spring or autumn in the early morning . However it is only seeable  if 5 special climate conditions are met , but if they are met the ride will turn into an unforgetable

event . Such a chance is only available here , so do not forget to check the weather before you ride ! 

Here can you check out the condition .

 1 ) It has to be spring or autumn

 2 ) It is  dawn to early morning

 3 ) There is a cooling phenomenon

 4 ) Humidity is high , it is surry and windless

 5 ) There is a temperature difference between the

       night and day before the day you ride

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