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In the beginig  we called our farm“Inoue Ranch”.

But through peaceful days of  breeding and training pure blood Arabian , we started to have a dream and renamed the farm. From now on we call it “Arabian-Horse-Plantation”.

The word plantation describes one of the agricultural systems , which was introduced by America . It describes a crop farm on vast land .  It is not spectacular ,  but yet it is a word full of dream and hopes , which we feel describes our feeling about our farm the best . We put our heart into the training of our horses, especially into the endurance training . 

​Endurance riding is quite popular in Hidaka , since the rough scenery is untouched and you can go a long distance solely in nature ,  experiencing and enjoying horseback riding and trail riding in a different way.


​◆Origin of the name:Arabiab-Horse-Plantation

​◆ The pure blood Arabian-Horse
​◆ Responsible for Animal Handing  
              Hisae Inoue (Registration /24,09,2010 )
〔販売〕 北海道 第111010032
〔保管〕 北海道 第111020032
〔訓練〕 北海道 第111040032
​〔展示〕 北海道 第111050032
About  Arabian-Horse-Plantation( A・H・P )
​Entrance  Way
​◆ Natural environment

The Arabian-Horse breed is one of the best horse breeds for  endurance riding and competition . We are training and breeding pure blood Arabians since 10 years . We were and  still are able to witness their great power , endurance and love for running .

Currently  we are owning about 50 pure bleed Arabians , their ages range from 1 to 30 years . Our Arabians get trained in endurance daily , so they can compete in competition .These trained Arabians are also ridable by customers . Give it a try and let our Arabians introduce you to the world of train and endurance riding .  

And if you are interested in owning a pure blood Arabian , for racing or general riding , feel free to contact us . We will gladly reply and provide you with further information .

Our Arabian-Horse-Plantation enjoys a very ​ natural location .

We like to keep it simple , so we do not have any riding facilities . We enjoy to ride and train our horses on natural trails .

We are looking forward to your visit and can not wait to introduce you to a world that is unpretentious yet really enjoyable .

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​Arabian - House - Plantation
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